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English teacher interview questions and answers

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I. List of English teacher interview questions

You can use free interview questions samples of English teacher by links as below:

1. Why did you decide to become a English teacher?

2. What is your teaching philosophy?

3. Describe your teaching style?

4. Why do you want to become an English teacher?

It’s time for you to quote your experiences in teaching field in a way so that they are related to requirements of the post. Remember to raise questions at the beginning of the interview for the ideal candidate. Do not just focus on teaching experiences, but be reminded to clarify why English is your most choice. What the principal wants is the most suitable person for the post of English teacher. You are also advised to take this chance to state about your other qualifications, if you are knowledgeable in other fields. I have known some teachers who went to an interview for a post of a science teaching and then he became a teacher of history subject.

5. By which methods could you promote your classroom’s literacy?

Some schools suffer such disappointing literacy rates. Its students even are not able to pass the annual standardized test of the state. Thus, principals are taking all possible methods to promote their literacy rates as well as their student academic records. Working as an English teacher, you take an extreme part in enhancing the development of the whole school.

The other teachers in the school just play the assisting role in that development, but quite often, lots of teachers do not provide daily reading to their students.

6. How could you enhance students’ reading in your classroom?

In order to make a more positive literacy environment, you are advised to create key strategies and plans. You can bring cheap books bought at the yard sales or discount bookshops into the class and make a “mini-library”.

Evert day or every week, spend your time with reading. Have your students choose their favorite book, then, depending on their ages, have them make a summary or a drawing of what they gained from such reading, after a certain period of time.

7. Take an instance on a writing assignment that you would do with your students.

What principals would like to know is also whether you can develop literacy through writing. They will be deeply impressed if you could give such instances of writing from your own portfolio, organize funny and attractive activities.
The engaging activity is very important. Students’ writing can be made under the viewpoints of a person, an object or an animal. This activity is really of great fun, because students can choose to become which they love to be most. For instance, they can have writing under the viewpoint of their cell phone, and their feeling of not being loved when people push their buttons every day.

When you answer this question, remember to put a teaching plan, quoting a writing activity, in your portfolio.

8. Quote a literacy project in your classroom?

Projects of literacy can be books, reports, speeches, or websites. If such a medium can help to promote your students’ skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking English, you have made a notable impression on the principal.

9. How can you help to improve the English reading skills for your students?

If you are chosen to be an English teacher for special education students, you are required to make changes to your classroom and give out instruction on literacy. If the places that students are living require them more time to fulfill the tasks, you ought to give them more time for answering questions, taking examinations and doing projects.

Make your principals be noted that you would like to become an advocate to the demands of all your students, including such ones in need of special education.

10. By which methods would you help to improve your students’ reading?

English students will be allocated in an ESL class, with a teacher that has an ELS certificate. Monitored ESL are people having placed out of ESL, but still in need of English support, when they transit to a regular English class.

Give explanations on typical changes of ESL to your lessons. You should add pictures to the exercises, make things clear, speak more slowly, and ask students to repeat by their own words. Tell your ESL students about the best practices.

11. How can your students’ reading scores can be improved?

On weekly basis or per two weeks, you have to make assessments and test on your students’ reading skill. The students are expected to fully gain the skill before the test and their teachers are supposed to take responsibility for their practice and mastery of such skill.

Be sure to mention that the state mandatory expectations for students and teachers, which can be found on your state board of education website, will be strictly followed. The school should pay attention and make a good plan on how they can pass the test.

12. How should technology be incorporated in your reading classroom?

The internet is an amazing source of information for English learners. Applying technology in English teaching and learning includes guiding students how to use the internet safely, how to have useful search, how to access images or contents relating to your stories and lessons.

There is also lots of available websites only focusing on education. Therefore, it can be said that, the whole word is in the teacher’s palms. Make good preparations of these 10 questions for an interview of the English teaching post, with your knowledge about your future students, the practicing of literacy, and about how to help your student improve and enhance their academic performance.

13. You have spent the morning at [school], so what in this school, and especially the English department have impressed on you?

14. Because not all of us can have opportunities to watch how you teach, we are expecting you to reflect what your lesson this morning is about. We would like to know what you were trying to gain, what methods you applied in the lesson to fulfill your goals and what you have had so far, with you lesson.

15. If you are chosen to lead a group of tutors, what do you think about the importance of such pastoral role? How can you establish positive relations within your group and with your group members?

16. What will you react, in case there are behaviors that challenge you during the lesson? What will you do if your strategies and solutions take no effect?

17. How will you deal with the case in which a parent call you in the early of the academic year in order to make sure that you should be well aware of her daughter learning abilities? What should you do to ensure that the student will get the best literacy score?

18. You are required to teach a text of Shakespeare for GCSE coursework, which text will be your choice for a group of student with middle ability, and why? Mention the methods you use to fulfill the teaching of the text, to attract the interest of your students and make sure that the text suits the students’ abilities.

19. The English framework has greatly impacted to departments of English in the whole country. In which way has it influenced on your plan making, your teaching, and the studying of your students during your class time?

20. By which methods can you make influence to others in our department?

21. Are you still a standing candidate for the post? How can we contact you then?

22. Besides lecture, what methods of teaching do you use?

23. What are your classroom rules? How do you make students familiar with the rules?

24. What daily or weekly routines would be incorporated in your teaching?

25. One student hits another student. What do you do?

26. A student throws a pencil across the room. What do you do?

27. Explain what you would do if a student was swearing in your class?

28. What have you learned from your past jobs that related to English teacher?

29. Where would you like to be in 3 years? 5 years?

30. What made you choose to apply to English teacher?

31. What are key tasks for English teacher?

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II. Interview tips for English teacher

1. Create English teacher job description and ask/answer question: how to do for each tasks?

2. Create English teacher qualifications and ask/answer question: how to reach each qualification.

3. Always ask by yourself: What are proofs that are required for English teacher position?

4. List common interview questions and English teacher technical interview questions and answer them by your self.

5. Always writer your interview thank you letter for English teacher position after finishing an interview.

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