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Top 25 Math teacher interview questions and answers

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I. List of Math teacher interview questions

You can use free interview questions samples of Math teacher by links as below:

1. Why did you decide to become a Math teacher?

2. What is your teaching philosophy?

3. Describe your teaching style?

4. Why are you interested in math? Tell me the useful aspect of mathematics?

5. What will you do to make your students who seem to be “dumb kids” interested in math?

6. Can you use Web 2.0 tools?

7. Do you any knowledge of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics? NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics?

8. What do you know about mathematics? Tell me the reason why you are interested in it and why others should love it?

9. Which type of math do you like most? Why do you want to teach that type?

10. Do you have any methods to instruct same lesson with different ways to teach both students who find it difficult with math and students who are good at math?

11. What do you do to encourage your student practice math?

12. Describe a situation in which you taught an uninteresting lesson? What did you do to make that lesson more attractive?

13. Tell me the method you used to apply technology into your lesson? As a personal/professional learner?

14. Tell me the skills and technologies that you want to improve?

15. Are you afraid of any courses/subjects/topics?

16. Let me know about the professional materials (blogs, websites, or books) that you research to improve your knowledge?

17. I want to know about a typical day in your classroom. Describe it?

18. What will you do in order to be able to cover all topics and teach your students how to consider or handle a problem?

19. Tell me your behavior when you meet an extremely difficult parent or student?

20. What method do you use to combine reasoning and sense in your class?

21. What do you think of bringing backwards design into your curriculum?

22. If a student doesn’t understand what you are teaching. What do you do in that situation?

23. Tell me your favorite classes in your high school and/or college?

24. Describe a lesson in which your students were really attracted by what you were teaching.

25. What do you do to encourage your students take part in problem solving process?

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II. Interview tips for Math teacher

1. Create Math teacher job description and ask/answer question: how to do for each tasks?

2. Create Math teacher qualifications and ask/answer question: how to reach each qualification.

3. Always ask by yourself: What are proofs that are required for Math teacher position?

4. List common interview questions and Math teacher technical interview questions and answer them by your self.

5. Always writer your interview thank you letter for Math teacher position after finishing an interview.

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